Church Fenton - Parish Council


Parish Council meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except August and December). Ordinarily, they take place in Church Fenton Village Hall and start at 7.30pm. Occasionally, meetings may take place in other community areas such as the Cricket Pavilion or remotely. There is always a public participation period at the start of each meeting and in line with our Standing Orders, the public session is restricted to 30 minutes. Meetings are advertised on the Church Fenton Community Website and on the Village Noticeboard with the Agenda always published 3 clear working days prior to the meeting.

The meeting schedule for the municipal year is published here.

Both District and County Councillors are invited to report at each Parish Council Meeting. Your elected Councillors in these roles are as follows:

  • County Councillor: Cllr Andrew Lee
  • District Councillors: Cllr Keith Ellis and Cllr Richard Musgrave


Agendas will be published here approximately three days prior to council meetings. Please sign-up here if you wish to be added to the email distribution list for Agendas, which will also be sent out approximately three days prior to council meetings.

Forthcoming Meetings

The Parish Council will be meeting on the following dates in the village hall (unless otherwise indicated). Meetings will commence at 7:30pm (unless otherwise stated) and are open to members of the public.


Date of Meeting



18 March 2021


15 April 2021


27 May 2021

Minutes of Meetings

Draft minutes of meetings are published on the noticeboard and on the Community website. In most instances, the draft minutes will be published within 7 days of a meeting and in any event, 4 weeks after the meeting. Minutes are not ratified and approved by Council until the next Parish Council meeting. With the exception of Annual minutes of meetings which are approved at the next annual meeting. To view minutes, please click on the link below. The Clerk does have electronic copies of minutes dating to 2011 if you wish to visit the archived minutes, please contact the Clerk.


May 2020 (Normal Meeting)

June 2020 (Normal Meeting)

July 2020 (Normal Meeting)

July 2020 (AGM)

September 2020 (Normal Meeting)

October 2020 (Normal Meeting)

November 2020 (Normal Meeting)

November 2020 (Committee Meeting)

January 2021 (Normal Meeting)

January 2021 (Exceptional Meeting)


May 2019 (AGM)

June 2019 (Normal Meeting)

July 2019 (Normal Meeting)

September 2019 (Normal Meeting)

October 2019 (Normal Meeting)

November 2019 (Normal Meeting)

January 2020 (Normal Meeting)

February 2020 (Normal Meeting)

March 2020 (Normal Meeting)

April 2020 (Normal Meeting)


May 2018 (AGM)

June 2018 (Normal Meeting)

June 2018 (Exceptional Meeting)

July 2018 (Normal Meeting)

September 2018 (Normal Meeting)

October 2018 (Normal Meeting)

November 2018 (Normal Meeting)

January 2019 (Normal Meeting)

February 2019 (Normal Meeting)

March 2019 (Normal Meeting)

April 2019 (Normal Meeting)


May 2017 (AGM)

June 2017 (Normal Meeting)

July 2017 (Normal Meeting)

August 2017 (Exceptional Meeting)

September 2017 (Normal Meeting)

October 2017 (Normal Meeting)

November 2017 (Normal Meeting)

January 2018 (Normal Meeting)

February 2018 (Normal Meeting)

February 2018 (Exceptional Meeting)

March 2018 (Normal Meeting)

April 2018 (Normal Meeting)


This page contains links to one or more documents that may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. This page contains links to one or more documents that may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. We are working towards making all documents that the Council publishes suitable for assistive technologies. In the meantime, you can request an accessible format from the Parish Clerk at