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About Church Fenton Parish Council

Church Fenton Parish Council consists of seven Councillors who are elected every four years (current term of office: May 2022-May 2026). A 'Chair' is elected annually from their own number.

Welcome to the Church Fenton Parish Council website, your official source for local governance information. Our functions include maintaining public spaces, local amenities, and enhancing the living environment. We actively engage in planning for sustainable growth and serve as a channel for residents to voice opinions on local matters. The Parish Council acts as a conduit between the community and higher government tiers, managing resources responsibly to support essential services and community projects. Explore this site to learn more about the Church Fenton Parish Council's roles, responsibilities, and community initiatives.

Apart from Councillors, each Parish Council has a clerk who provides administration and guidance for the Council. The Clerk for Church Fenton Parish Council is:

    Robin Harris, Clerk to the Council
    The Willows, Nanny Lane
    Church Fenton LS24 9RL
    North Yorkshire
    Mob: 07538 726142

Members of the Parish Council

Councillors can be contacted directly. However, all correspondence should go through the Clerk. The current Chair, Cllr Andrew Mason will serve until May 2024.

Councillor Samantha Charlston

I've been a resident of Church Fenton for over 20 years, married with 2 daughters who attended Kirk Fenton School. I actively participate in as many of the village activities that work and volunteering allow me to do so, including the WI. I have previously been a volunteer in the Community Shop, and I am a member/shareholder in both of our community assets.

I am passionate about the village and parishioners of Church Fenton. It is a great place to live, with great people. It is a huge honour to be elected as a Parish Councillor. I intend to fulfil the role as best I can, in an unbiased, honest and professional manner and look forward to working with and on behalf of the villagers of Church Fenton.

Declaration of Interests

Councillor Stewart Ferris

Declaration of Interests

Councillor Ross Higham

I am Ross Higham and am a director and shareholder in the local taxi businesses, under the umbrella of The Calcaria Travel Group Ltd & Station Taxis of Selby Ltd with bases in both Church Fenton and Selby. Immediately prior to this I was the Licensee at The Fenton Flyer Pub in Church Fenton for 8 years. Previously I had a long-term Civil Service career for 28 years with The Highways Agency (now rebadged as National Highways), specialising in facilities/project and programme management, along with recruitment and HR work.

My commitment to this great village has been passionate and wholehearted since being co-opted onto The Parish Council (PC) some 9 years ago and formally re-elected to the PC twice in recent years. I have been heavily involved in the biggest projects this village has ever seen, most notably the Community Shop purchase, as licensee and the Community Pub purchase. I also served for a time on the Community Shop Management Committee and as the PC rep on the Community Hub group. Currently I head up the Highways Working Group for the PC, along with sitting on the Village Hall Group and also assisting Councillor Teresa Whyte with the management of the two children’s playparks in the village. Going forward, my enthusiasm, experience and professionalism will help to add to future projects and ensure that your PC achieves the best it can for this fantastic village.

Mobile: 07785 708875
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Councillor Andrew Mason (Chair)

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Councillor Jo Mason

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Councillor Michelle Seguss

I'm Michelle Seguss, a committed parish councillor for six years who has lived in Church Fenton for almost two decades. Residing here since I was 13, I bought a home 14 years ago to create a rural haven for my family.

Community, safety, and proactive solutions guide my work. A mother of two, I prioritize listening to diverse opinions, fostering unity through active engagement. Volunteering is my way of giving back, aiming to build a strong community for all generations and adapt to societal changes.

As a councillor, my focus extends beyond duties to contribute to a flourishing Church Fenton. I bring a genuine desire to positively impact the community I hold close to my heart.

e-mail: Tel. 07764 352282 - e-mail:
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Councillor Teresa Whyte

I grew up in Edinburgh and after training in Technical Theatre I spent the next 15 years working in a variety of theatres around the country including Nottingham Playhouse and the Cliffs Pavilion in Southend as well as several seasons at Alton Towers as a lighting technician on the live shows. I eventually settled in the West Midlands where I was the Technical Manager for a college theatre providing all the backstage support for both student and professional productions. After over 30 years in the theatre industry, it was time for a change and relocation to Yorkshire gave me the opportunity to work within the Health & Safety field for a few years.

Having moved to Church Fenton in 2009 I have actively participated in village life, supporting events, attending Parish Council meetings and being a member of the WI.

I am pleased to have been co-opted onto the Parish Council in October 2022 and aim to serve the community to the best of my ability. As my main role within the council, I have taken on the responsibility for the village play parks as well as being involved with the Christmas group.

Declaration of Interests

What we do?

Parish councils, fulfil vital roles in community governance. With responsibilities ranging from observing and commenting on planning applications to nominating representatives on external groups, we actively address matters of general concern to the village. These include traffic issues, recreational amenities, planning, public rights of way, and litter.

Parish councils are financed through the precept and allocate funds to enhance local facilities and services. While Church Fenton Parish Council currently does not have the general power of competence, which allows councils to extend their powers within legal bounds, we diligently work within existing frameworks to serve the community.

Engaging residents for input, parish councils align their activities with community needs. Seeking additional funding through grants and awards further empowers us to undertake impactful projects that contribute to the social, economic, and environmental well-being of our community.

For practical purposes, key responsibilities for a parish of our size include setting an annual budget that determines the Precept. This budgetary process is essential to fund the on-going services and to try to meet the evolving needs of Church Fenton residents.

How to get involved

Joining the efforts of Church Fenton Parish Council is both easy and rewarding. Your Councillors convene regularly, and you are invited to attend and actively participate in these Parish Council meetings. Stay informed about meeting dates and times, which are advertised on our website and the village noticeboard. If you have any queries or seek information on upcoming meetings for the year, don't hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk.

The beginning of each meeting features a public participation session, providing an opportunity for the residents to raise questions or discuss points of interest. Your input during these sessions is crucial, contributing to the democratic process and the betterment of our community.

Additionally, Parish Councils engage in various projects, and you can play a direct role in these initiatives. Consider joining a Working Group, where Parish Councillors collaborate with community representatives on specific projects. Currently, we're working on Highways, Environmental protection and Christmas (almost all year round) and your participation can make a tangible impact. There are diverse opportunities for you to get actively involved in shaping the future of Church Fenton.

Who to contact

Church Fenton Parish Council

Parish councils shoulder the responsibility for overseeing essential local services, including playparks, community centres, allotments, and war memorials. In Church Fenton, the Parish Council takes pride in ownership of various assets, enriching our community life. These assets include the Village Hall (managed by the Village Hall Committee), The White Horse (leased to Church Fenton Community Hub), The Community Shop (leased to Church Fenton Community Shop), Main Street and Sandwath playgrounds and numerous benches, entrance signs, and some streetlights. These assets are not just physical structures but integral elements that contribute to the character, cohesion, and well-being of Church Fenton, reflecting the Parish Council's commitment to enhancing the overall quality of life for its residents.

North Yorkshire Council

The principal authority plays a pivotal role in delivering essential services that form the bedrock of our community's well-being. From robust infrastructure management to critical public services, the principal authority ensures the smooth functioning of key aspects such as waste management, housing, and local planning. Their responsibilities extend to maintaining roadways, fostering economic development, upholding environmental standards, and ensuring the accessibility and preservation of public rights of way. Funding for these vital services primarily comes from local taxation, including Council Tax and business rates.

You may contact North Yorkshire Council through their website ( on a wide range of matters including:

  • Obstructed public rights of way
  • Litter bins and dog waste bins
  • Footway issues
  • Streetlighting
  • Traffic management


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