The Parish Council

About the Parish Council

The Council consists of seven councillors who are elected every four years, including a Chairman and Vice Chairman who are elected by the Councillor from their own number.

Meetings of the full Council are held on the third Thursday each month in the village hall at 7:30pm. There are also occasional meetings of subcommittees as and when required. The regular Council meetings are open to the public. The Agenda to the meetings is posted on the village hall notice board and the Minutes from the most recent meeting are also displayed there.

The council also employs a part time Clerk who can be contacted at or by telephone on 07981 371937.

The clerk can be contacted in writing at the following address:
   Jeremy SherlockJeremy started as Town Clerk to the Council in March 2011. His background is mainly in Local Government, but has also worked in the Civil Service, and for a Development Trust.

Originally from Birkenhead, Merseyside (with a strong loyalty to Everton FC) he has moved round the country, most recently settling in Brayton near Selby. He is married with one grown up daughter.

He has a degree in Town and Country Planning, but for many years been involved in regeneration work, including working in neighbourhoods and with local communities to improve physical and social facilities.

Outside work he enjoys football and real ale, together with outdoor activities such as gardening, cycling, walking and bird watching.

   10 Old Farm Way,
   Selby Y08 9SZ

Councillors are willing to be contacted at reasonable times by phone. If you wish to write, full addresses are available from the clerk.

Responsibilities of the Council

  • To advise on planning applications.
  • To set an annual budget which determines the Parish Rate.
  • To nominate representatives on school governing bodies and other village organisations.
  • to make note of and pass to the responsible authority for action any matter of general concern to the village (traffic issues, planning, initiatives concerning youth, public amenities, etc.).

Current Council Members

A photo of the current Council members. Below the photograph are contact phone number and information on the member (position the cursor over the dotted line).

Church Fenton Parish Council

Councillor Andrew MasonLived in Garforth and attended Garforth Comprehensive. Spent several years travelling and studied Economics and Politics at Warwick University.

Set up own business 10 years ago. Always been very interested in local politics and wanting to make a difference. I am a keen family man and enjoy running, music, reading and the movies.

Always looking out for the best for the village and use my excellent negotiating skills as much as I can to obtain this! Always keen to listen to everyone's views and opinions.
: Tel. 07973 135196 - Declaration of Interests

Councillor Craig BlakeyI am currently the longest serving member of Church Fenton Parish Council with over 15 years serving the community. I bring to the PC a very hands on approach and good local knowledge which is very useful with so many upcoming changes within the village. I am a big believer in negotiation and working with groups, organisations and companies to get the best possible outcome for the community. : Tel. 07860 786487 - Declaration of Interests

Councillor Sarah Chester (Chair) : Tel. 07834 097872 - Declaration of Interests

Councillor Ross HighamI am Ross Higham and am the Licensee at The Fenton Flyer Pub in Church Fenton. I am in my 8th year now at The Flyer and it has been a great journey, in lots of ways. Previously I had a long term career with The Highways Agency (now Highways England) specialising in facilities/project and programme management, along with recruitment and HR work.

My commitment to this great village has been passionate & wholehearted since being co-opted onto The Parish Council. I have been heavily involved in the biggest projects this village has ever seen, most notably the Community Shop, as licensee and the Community Pub, as the PC rep on the Community Hub group.

Going forward with the newly elected Council, my enthusiasm, experience and professionalism will help to add to future projects and ensure that your PC achieves the best it can for this fantastic village.
: Tel. 07785 708875 - Declaration of Interests

Councillor Samantha CharlstonI've been a resident of Church Fenton for over 20 years, married with 2 daughters who attended Kirk Fenton School.

I actively participate in as many of the village activities that work and volunteering allow me to do so, including the WI. I have previously been a volunteer in the Community Shop, and I am a member/shareholder in both of our community assets.

I am passionate about the village and parishioners of Church Fenton. It is a great place to live, with great people.

It is a huge honour to be elected as a Parish Councillor. I intend to fulfil the role as best I can, in an unbiased, honest and professional manner and look forward to working with and on behalf of the villagers of Church Fenton.
: Tel. 07801 965268 - Declaration of Interests

Councillor Michelle Seguss : Tel. 07764 352282 - Declaration of Interests

Councillor Paul Herbert : Tel. 07961 071496 - Declaration of Interests

Forthcoming Meetings

The Parish Council will be meeting on the following dates in the village hall. Meetings will commence at 7:30pm unless otherwise stated and are open to members of the public.

Date of Meeting  
28 November 2019
9 January 2020
20 February 2020
19 March 2020
16 April 2020
28 May 2020 Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting - Cricket Club

Minutes of Previous Meetings

To view the minutes of previous meetings of the Church Fenton Parish Council click on the links below. These will open in a separate window, when you've finished reading them, just close it down by click on the X symbol in the top right corner and you will be brought back here.

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September 2019
July 2019
June 2019
May 2019
April 2019
March 2019
February 2019
January 2019
November 2018

Additional Information

The following is additional information concerning the village that the Parish Council feels may be of interest to residents of Church Fenton. To view the information click on the links below. These will open in a separate window, when you've finished reading them, just close it down by click on the X symbol in the top right corner and you will be brought back here.

All documents are in PDF format, this means you will need Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you haven't got it, you can download it free from the Adobe web site.

Public Rights Notice 2018-2019
Supporting Information 2018-2019
Internal Audit Report 2018-2019
Annual Return for 2018-2019
2018-2019 Accounts
Complaints Procedure
General Privacy Notice (September 2018)
Community Shop - Business Plan (February 2018)
Community Shop - Operational Arrangements (February 2018)
Annual Report for 2018-19
Parish Council budget 2019-20
Asset Register
Financial Regulations (September 2019)
Parish Code of Conduct (July 2012)
Standing Orders (October 2018)

Grant Awarding Policy

The Council has developed a policy for consideration of requests for funding assistance for activity within Church Fenton. Funding support will only be given to projects which are focussed on and directly benefit residents in the Parish. Interested parties are recommended to contact the Clerk before preparing an application. A copy of the Policy and Application Form are available here.

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