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We would be delighted to welcome you to our next meeting, you can come to any meeting as an occasional visitor and try before you think about becoming a member.

Meetings start at 7:30pm on 4th Thursday of every month. Most meetings are held at Church Fenton Village Hall, unless we have a trip or visit booked. Please see our calendar of events.


This is a great way to meet new people in the village, take part in activities you would perhaps not have done on your own. We are delighted to raise funds via our annual Produce and Craft show and for local village projects as well as supporting less advantaged women and girls, via the 'Smalls for All' campaign.

For those who don't like walking into somewhere on their own, we can arrange for you to meet one of our group beforehand, you will be given a very warm welcome.

For further information contact the Secretary.

Calendar of Events

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Social Evening

22nd August 2019: Social Evening - Faith Supper

As we are in the height of the summer holidays, we meet to have a social evening with everyone bringing a plate of food, so we can all share and have supper together.


Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Annual Produce Show

8th September 2019: Annual Produce Show

Look out for our schedules in the Shop, pubs and Takeaway, entries taken from all levels, amateur bakers, growers and first-timers as well as the more professional within the produce showing world.


Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Alpacas

24th September 2019: Alpacas

Ten things you didn't know about these lovely creatures. We will be joined by the Alpacas, so get up close, don't they look fabulous. You can find out more information on their Facebook page


Church Fenton : High Flyers WI AGM

24th October 2019: AGM

Time to reflect on what we have achieved over the year from activities to funding local community causes and national campaigns. It's a very social meeting with lovely refreshments.


Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Games Night

28th November 2019: Games Night

Join us for a night of fun and games, in the village hall.


Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Christmas Meal

December - date to be confirmed: Christmas Meal

Time to celebrate, get together and support a local hostelry. Members only on this occasion. We have a new Community Pub open so we could be sampling dinner at the White Horse.


Meet some of our Members

Liz Smith - President

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Liz Smith

About Liz: I am a retired pharmacist who had my own business in Glasgow. I have known the village since the mid 1980's but only moved here full time in 2008. Now I enjoy gardening and cooking, I do yoga, swim and go birdwatching.

Why I joined WI: To meet more people and be more involved in the life of Church Fenton.

My two favourite meetings in WI: The Mosaic workshop and the Round dance evening.

Contact details:
telephone: 01937 557038


Samantha (Sam) Charlston - Secretary

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Sam Charlston

About Sam: I have lived in the village 20 years and only managed to make time for myself once my girls got independent. I try to be part of the community and get involved in activities and events. I still work full-time so the social aspect of the WI is important to me and I have made many friends there.

Why I joined WI: To meet people, have some fun and enjoy being part of a community.

My two favourite meetings in WI: Doing Tai Chi and then my daughter coming and speaking to us about her hobby of falconry and bringing along her Owl.

Contact details:
telephone: 01937 557525 or 07801 965268

Lesley Wright - Treasurer

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Lesley Wright

About Lesley: I have lived in the village since 2003 and met a huge number of people through WI. I am a founder member Church Fenton Community Hub who have helped to purchase the White Horse Pub and I volunteer at the Community cafe once a month as I love to bake.

Why I joined WI: Working full time in the NHS and travelling the country with my job, I never seem to have the time, however, I realised you need to make time for yourself.

My two favourite meetings in WI: Visit to Set of Victoria, Mosaic making.

Contact details:
telephone: 07887 553024

Some of our favourite moments

Below are photos of some of our favourite moments.

Mosaic Evening - all our own work

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Mosaic Evening

We were delighted to welcome Jenny Watson who facilitated a Mosaic evening. This was a practical workshop and we all got stuck in to making our own small heart shaped bowls.

A practical evening, which was great fun and very creative, even for those who are not arty.


Trip round the set of Victoria - Buckingham Palace in Hangar 1

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Victoria set visit

We were highly honoured to be allowed a trip around Mamoth Studios at Leeds East Airport, formerly RAF Church Fenton. Viewing is normally not permitted during filming due to confidentiality issues. As we agreed not to take internal photos we had an amazing tour of the set of Buckingham Palace.

It was breathtaking, looking at all the sets, Victoria's bedroom, throne room, ballroom and the downstairs servants quarters.


Thanks must go to Sally Joynson from Screen Yorkshire who facilitated the visit, when something like this is on our doorstep, we really appreciated the chance to access this.


Annual Spring Fayre

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Annual Spring Fayre

One of our big events of the year is our Annula Spring Fayre, held in Church Fenton Village Hall. We have our own plant stall, handbag and Jewellry stall and our fabulous hom made cakes and refreshments.

Church Fenton : High Flyers WI Annual Spring Fayre

We invite eight local business to sell their products which in 2019, including an Artisan Baker, Specialist Pet treats and Jewellry maker.

We also welcomed the Friends of Kirk Fenton to have a couple of stalls to raise funds for the school.