Church Fenton

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Diary Dates : 14 March

Fashion and Beauty Evening at Church Fenton Village Hall from 7pm - 10pm.

Latest News

Nottice of Elections

Selby DC have issued a Notice of Election for the Parish Council elections on 2nd May. Further details are available at

Leeds East Airport Consultation with Parish Councils

Leeds East Airport is applying to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to establish a procedure to enable pilots to land at the airport using aircraft instruments rather than by purely visual means. As such we are mandated by the CAA (and the Department of Transport) to consult with all stakeholders who might be affected by the proposal. The attached documentation describes what we are seeking to establish, the consultation process, the timelines and how to respond. The information is also available at Once there, click the 'Airspace Change' navigation button. The closing date for comment is 21st March.

Parish Council building acquisitions

All the latest information on the building acquisition can be found here.

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